About Us

Our GOAL is to make online rental home booking as easy as booking a hotel or a movie ticket

Our MISSION is to build a digital network of brokerage free rental homes where users can discover, interact, transact and manage the entire tenancy life cycle on their finger tips.

What Drives us ? The impact that we are making in the lives of people living away from home.

We at Homizone, are a bunch of individuals who experienced that renting in/out a home is no less than a nightmare for present day Tenants/Owners, they either have to rely on property dealers who are only interested in their commission and does not provide any after sales service or they are left with options of advertising portals, where posting an advertisement results in attending multiple irregular phone calls. Then comes the havoc of coordinating with various people and one by one showcasing/Visiting the home, answering their queries, coordinating with maintenance guys for the up keep of your home, getting the documentation & verification done and submit the same to the concerned authorities and the list goes on. At the same time, tenants face discriminations based on caste, religion, marital status and sex. Migrants are being cheated due to their lack of knowledge of the local know how.

Therefore, we came up with a solutions, a digital one. A platform, a network, which digitally connects & verifies the homes, owners & tenants and displays pre-filled details about them so that the users can take informed decisions, at the same time which keep a digital record of all the interactions to avoid miscommunications & misrepresentations.

We use a powerful combination of technology & data to enable faster & informed decision making to ensure a reliable plug and play experience for our users.

We are building a 360 degree ecosystem focused on residential rental homes to deliver convenience, control, transparency & information on real time basis to our users.