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9 Things to Keep in Mind While Looking for Flats on Rent in Delhi NCR!

9 Things to Keep in Mind While Looking for Flats on Rent in Delhi NCR!

The most challenging part after coming into a new city isn’t settling in the work culture of the new office but rather finding a good place to live.

Searching for a rental accommodation has become a skill which every person coming to a new city should learn. So here a few pointers to keep in mind while searching for a rental accommodation so that you don’t just land a place to crash but rather to live!

1. Rent

Rents are the most crucial aspect you must look at while searching for an accommodation. Always keep your salary in mind and the things that are included in the rent like maintenance, water bill, etc.

2. Security Deposit

Security deposit is a pain in the ass. In cities like Bangalore you have to submit a security deposit as huge as the rent of 10 months in advance. So take this factor into consideration and try to negotiate it as much as you can.

3. Brokerage Fees

Brokers usually charge at least one or two months of rent from you. So prefer taking a brokerage fee rental accommodation. These days so many amazing startups like Homizone is offering amazing flats on rent in Delhi NCR absolutely brokerage free.

4. Furnished

Despite paying good amount of rents and still landing in a semi furnished apartment is a waste of your money as well time. Spending enormous amounts again on furnishing your flats is not a wise option.

5. Water Supply

These days water supply is a huge problem especially in urban cities like Delhi, Bangalore, etc. There is no use of landing a good place without proper water supply.

More than good it will do you much harm as water is one of the quintessential commodity without which we cannot survive.

6. Maintenance Fees

It might turn out to be a nightmare in case you realize it at a later stage that maintenance charges weren’t a part of your rental fees. Maintenance charges can be huge so it is good to clear with the landlord whether they are included in the rents or not.

7. Power Backup

Electricity cuts can lead to no access to WiFi, air conditioner and what not. It can be a curse bestowed upon you by your landlord and a nightmare when your boss shoves you off for not able to complete the work from home. So see to it that you have proper backup system.

8. Gas Connection

In case you plan to cook food and have healthy food, gas connection is a must. It often happens that rental homes don’t have it and you have to buy a cylinder separately.

So make sure that the gas connection is pre-installed otherwise it will add to one more hassle involved while landing a rental accommodation.

9. Roommates

In case you planning to share an accommodation with a roommate, make sure to check his/her background beforehand. For the time spent in a rental accommodation they will be your family and the ones with whom you will split bills.

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