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Myths About Staying Away from Home!

Many of us at some point in our lives have to stay away from our homes. Whether it’s for educational purposes or for jobs, we end up staying at hostels and PG’s.So let’s take a look at some of the myths that have developed over time about staying away from home.

  • You are Spoiled

This is the most common myth which parents have about their children living away from home. Many parents hesitate to send their kids just because of this reason.

But this is not so. It’s all about making choices. Living in a hostel or PG has a different fun element and since out station students miss out on the homeliness, they need their own ways of making the experience of living special.

  • You get messy and disorganised

This is one more myth which many think is the case with hostellers, since parents aren’t there to say things, they end up being irresponsible.

However it’s just the opposite. You actually learn to live on your own. With always being low on cash, you learn to manage your finances and since you’re living in a communal environment, you actually develop the skill of cooperating with your peers.

In the process you learn to share and maintain a standard of living that is respected inside a community.

  • You miss home

It is actually both ways. When you’re home, you end up missing your hostel. After spending a year or two living and sharing with people who were once alien to you, you develop a bond that lasts for a lifetime.

And when suddenly it’s time to say goodbye, it feels like there is a hole in your heart that is yearning to be filled with reunion with your loving friends with whom you shared your joys and sorrows for years.

  • You will be on time for classes

You’re kidding me right. Hostels and PGs located near colleges and workplaces make people even lazier to get up.

Since they are aware of the fact that it will take them just a few minutes of travel to get to work, they take no margin timing and end up showing later than people who travels for hours to make it on time.

  • You end up eating unhygienic food

Staying away from home makes for one of the best cooks you can ever imagine becoming. Missing home and homemade food pushes you to cook and experiment on your own and once you have your mission accomplished, there’s no greater joy than that!

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