Homizone 9 Advantages

9 Advantages to Hiring a Property Manager (& Why I Wish I Did Sooner)

1. They are affordable.

In fact, they’re much more affordable than I originally thought. When I factored in all the things they did and the time they saved me, it is well worth outsourcing. Companies like homizone provides people with a dedicated property manager at an unbelievable low cost, which is as low as Rs 100 per month.

2. They offered great on-call service.

They had a 24-hour emergency service that covered things like heating, plumbing, or electrical issues. Today, I travel a lot, and this service is invaluable to me. I can still use my contractors if I want to, but sometimes it’s easier just to let them handle most of the little repairs.

3. They take care of the rent collection.

They take care of the rent collection and makes my experience hassle free. Companies like Homizone (www.homizone.com) provide home owners will a rental guarantee on the 6th of every month irrespective of weather the tenant has paid the rent or not.

 4. They represent me in court.
Today, I’m a really busy guy. I can focus my time on running my business, or doing the things I’m best at, and they can fill in for me on those unfortunate cases that require a court appearance.
5. They’re compliant.

I especially appreciate their emphasis on compliance when it comes to drawing up leases and screening tenants. I love that they screen for things like credit history, criminal background, evictions. They also have to stay up-to-date on licensing requirements, local ordinances, and state laws and regulations.

6. They handle my showings.

Not only do they show properties to prospective tenants until they’re rented, but they also meet various HUD and Township inspectors for yearly rental licenses. This is another area where the property manager saves me a lot of time and aggravation.

7. They make sure that I am aware of the exact conditions of my property.

Not only they inspect my property but also provide me with a detailed report of the same which consist of the photographs of my property. This way I am aware of the exact conditions of my property. Homizone does monthly inspection of all their homes and provides their partnered owners with a detailed reporting of the same.

8. They take care of all sorts of maintenance work.

They even take care of all sorts of maintenance work that occur at my property, starting from changing a light bulb till the cleaning and white washing. Their main priority is to make sure that my property is in its best condition so that it can be occupied by a new tenant as soon as it get vacant.

9. Fair & Accurate evaluation of deposit deduction.

They provide me with a dedicated inspection team which closely inspects the entire property and does a fair evaluation of the damages caused by the tenant and provides an accurate assessment of the amount that needs to be deducted from the deposit amount before initiating the refund and they even get the repairs done in the estimated cost. This approach helps in avoiding any confusion between the landlord and the tenant at the time of refund, which in turns keeps the relationship healthy as well.

 To hire a property manager for your property at the cost of Rs 100 /month visit : www.homizone.com

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