your roommate in his/her sleep

Whether you are not happy with your current place

Whether you are not happy with your current place or are dreaming of killing your roommate in his/her sleep, we have you covered with some very important tips to keep in mind while looking for a new place to call home

1. Rent

Most importantly, can you afford to live here in the long run? Remember that rents appreciate at 10% every 11 months and the rent will steadily increase. If the apartment is not furnished, add that to the cost of moving in as well.


2. Water

Check if the building has a pump, in some cases the owner charges the tenant a flat rate for the usage of the pump while some rely on the government bill.


3. Electricity

Paying electricity bill has always been a hassle. You’ll have to keep chasing the landlord and it’s a mystery how they calculate the final amount that is to be paid. Make sure you clear these things before shifting to a PG/Flat.


4. Neighbourhood

Make sure you do some research on the neighbourhood you are moving into. Expand your search from looking at just food options and look at more mundane things like laundry, buying utensils and groceries.


5. Handymen

For all those broken flushes, fused tube lights and unsteady doors, you will need a handyman.. Most electrical and hardware shops can help you reach out to them depending on your area.


6. Roommate 

If you can afford to live on your own, consider yourself fortunate but if you have to live with a roommate, get ready for some mayhem.


A good roommate is rare and you will have to do your due diligence to make sure your study schedule and her/his party schedule don’t clash.

7. Security

Though the campus and its surrounding areas are considered safe, security should definitely be a priority. Most buildings have a main door that locks while some have an entry system that is more liberal.


It is not very common to have a watchman hence it assumes even greater importance.

8. Lease

Nevertheless, make sure your notice period to vacate and the landlord’s notice period to evict are clearly mentioned and agreed upon.


9. “Free entry”

This is a familiar term for those who have done some house hunting in the region. Free entry is a system where the tenant and their friends, irrespective of gender, can come and go at any time.

Other places have ‘restricted entry’ where members of the opposite gender are not allowed after a cut-off time.


House-hunting is a tedious and tiring process and even after days of searching, chances are that you will not find the place you are looking for. Save some time and energy and head to

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