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Once one starts working, few get to see their friends

Once one starts working, few get to see their friends the number of times they actually wish to. We spend more time with our colleagues and roommates than with our friends and families.

But there are few who get really lucky and find that their best friend and roommate is the same person. And when lady luck beams down on you, the following situations ensue:

Both Your Clothes
  • Your Clothes
  • Best Friend’s Clothes


Things Your Best Friends Knows
  • Things Your Partener Know


How Much Your Family Trusts Your Best Friend
  • How Much Your Family Trusts You


Things You Picked Together
  • Things You Picked for Yourself
  • Things Your Best Friend Picked for You


Times Both of You Doze Off On The Same Bed
  • Times Both of You Sleep in Your Own Beds


Times Your Best Friend Abused Your Ex
  • Times You Abused Your Ex


Times The World Think You Both Are Dating
  • Times The World Think You’re Straight


Time Spent Dissecting It With Your Best Friend
  • Time Spent Watching A Show


And the most important one:

50%: times you have accepted yourself; 1000% times he has accepted you.
But then isn’t that is what friendship is all about.

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