The Advantages and Disadvantages of Owning a Rental Property

The Advantages

The advantages to owning a rental property are relatively few, but they’re powerful. To put it simply, if everything lines up well, you can make a lot of money from a rental property.

Income from Renters

The biggest benefit of owning a rental property is that the renters will provide you with a direct income stream. Those monthly rent checks go straight into your business account, ideally more than offsetting any expenses for the month.

For example, if you own a house that you rent out for $1,000 per month, that house when fully occupied will put $12,000 per year back into your accounts.

It’s hard to argue with a direct income stream like that. It is worth nothing, though, that those kinds of figures are optimistic ones and you shouldn’t just dive in expecting those results. Still, even partial results can be very good. If you can keep the property rented for just 75% of the year, that’s still $9,000 a year in income, after all.

Income from Property Value Growth

In addition, since you own the property, you stand to gain from an increase in the property value over time due to changing demands in the area, even if the property doesn’t undergo any changes.

This is obviously going to be a variable thing, as it depends heavily on the area where your rental property stands. In some areas, the value may rise significantly over the course of a few years, while in other areas it may remain flat. Ideally, this value growth holds pace with inflation at a minimum. If you happen to be in an above average area, you might find that you can beat inflation; on the other hand, a really stagnant area may not even keep with inflation.

Sweat Equity

The other factor that you should consider is that your sweat equity is likely to add additional value to the property as you maintain and upgrade it. Doing things like repainting the home, adding new siding, refinishing the inside, doing some basic landscaping to the yard, and so on will add value to the home without significant financial cost.

Not only will this allow you to charge more for rent, it will also increase the value of the property itself should you choose to sell it in the future.

If you enjoy home improvement projects, this should be a major attraction for buying a rental property. You’ll have the opportunity to fix it up upon acquisition as well as in between tenants, which will return very nice dividends for you.

The Disadvantages

On the other hand, there are a number of disadvantages to owning a rental property. Individually, these disadvantages are relatively small, but they add up to a significant cost.

Concentration of Assets

One drawback to investing in a rental property is that for most people, owning a rental property is a serious concentration of their assets. It would take a significant portion of the average American’s net worth to fully own a rental property.

The problem with that concentration is that it’s not diversified at all. That investment is in a specific house on a specific block in a specific neighborhood in a specific city. If that neighborhood goes downhill, you lose a lot of money. If that block goes downhill, you lose a lot of money. If something unfortunate happens to that house that insurance can’t handle, you lose a lot of money.

Like it or not, by owning a rental property, you’re tying yourself to the local real estate market in a very tight way.

Concentration of assets is not a wise investment strategy. However, the more wealth you have, the less this becomes a factor and the more that property ownership becomes a tool for diversification rather than something you’re concentrated in.

Tenant Risk

Tenants are never a guarantee to pay their rent. Even in the best of times and even with the (seemingly) best tenants, that revenue stream is far from guaranteed.

Tenant Risk

Sure, sometimes you’ll get a great tenant that pays their rent on time for years and years and years, but that’s never a guarantee. Some tenants won’t pay regularly, and others won’t pay at all. You’ll be out several months of rent and also the time spent dealing with their non-payment and eviction.

Some tenants may also cause more property wear than others. Sure, you’ll have that security deposit, but that’s still a cost and a risk.

There’s also the risk of not having a tenant at all, which means that you’ll have periods where the property generates no rental income.

Taxes and Fees and Insurance

Regardless of whether you have people in the house or not, you’ll still be facing the cost of property taxes, the cost of insurance on the property, and the cost of any homeowners association fees associated with the property. Those bills will come in regardless of whether there is a tenant in the property or not.Taxes and Fees and Insurance

This is a pretty steady cost that you’ll clearly know about in advance, but no matter how you slice it, it’s a cost that cuts into your profits. It’s especially painful if you don’t have someone renting the property, as that means that such costs are going to be coming directly out of your pocket.

These costs are not insignificant. For example, insurance on a rental property is usually around 25% higher than it is for a normal homeowners’ policy and property taxes are nothing to laugh at. If you’re caught without a tenant or with a tenant that’s not paying up, this will have a direct and fierce negative impact on your finances.

Active Involvement

Even in the most “hands-off” of situations, you’re still going to be devoting notable time to this rental property. Eventually, it will need repair. Eventually, you’ll have to check on it. Eventually, you’ll have to interact with the tenants. Eventually, you’ll have to do paperwork of some kind or another.

You can do away with this problem by hiring a management company – something we’ll discuss below – but in doing so, you eat away at the profits from renting out that property.

Who Would Make a Good Landlord?

As I studied the ins and outs of becoming a landlord, it began to occur to me that some people are personally predisposed to be more likely to effectively manage – and enjoy the management of – a rental property, while others are not so predisposed. Here are a few traits that a good rental property owner might find desirable. The more of these traits you have, the more enjoyable and lucrative owning a rental property may be for you.

You enjoy small home improvement projects. Do you enjoy doing things like installing carpets, painting walls, fixing minor dings and dents in cabinets, doing minor plumbing tasks, installing and patching drywall, and so on? Some people really enjoy these tasks, particularly when doing so rewards their sweat equity with more rental income and a higher property value. Other people don’t enjoy home improvement tasks much at all, which will make this part of the gig into painful drudgery.

You have spare time. You’ll be responsible for things like backed-up toilets in the middle of the night, basement flooding, and so on in another home besides your own, where the tenants see you as a landlord who will be fixing such problems. Are you up for that? If you’re on a tight schedule, it might be very tough. Even if you hire a management company, owning a rental property will still eat up at least a little of your spare time. If you choose to go without one, it can eat up a lot of time.

You don’t mind occasionally dealing with difficult situations with people. Being a landlord sometimes means dealing with tenants with overinflated demands and expectations. It can also mean dealing with tenants who don’t pay their rent. Those types of interactions can be difficult and, if handled poorly, they can escalate into progressively worse problems. Are you willing to occasionally deal with these kinds of difficulties?

You have significant liquid assets to invest right now. It’s generally a poor idea to take out a loan in order to buy a rental property because of the financial risk it introduces into your life. If you don’t have the financial wherewithal to pay cash for a rental property – or you don’t have an established business that can handle this via a business loan – you shouldn’t be in the rental property business yet.

Investing in a rental property won’t absorb the majority of your net worth. This is all about concentrating risk and putting all of your financial eggs in one basket, which is never a good idea. If you’re going to have the majority of your net worth tied up in a rental property, you may want to reconsider your plans.

Final Thoughts

For some people, owning a rental property might be a brilliant personal financial move. If they’re in good financial shape already, have some spare time on their hands, and don’t mind handling home maintenance emergencies, a person who puts in some patient time finding the right property to rent can make a very nice profit on a rental property.

However, not everyone is in that group. Some people might not relish the interaction between tenant and landlord from the landlord’s side. Others may not be in a financial position to take on a rental property quite yet. Still others might not feel confident in their local real estate market.

That’s okay. If those things describe you, you can still diversify into real estate by investing in a REIT with some of your investment funds.

The important thing to remember is that investing in rental properties is definitely one of many options on the table, and it is a good option for some people. Take into consideration your own financial state, your personal strengths, and your interests and make up your own mind about whether rental property ownership is the right move for you

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Top 6 Hangout Destinations with Friends in Noida

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The Gaming Vegas

Gaming Vegas

The Gaming Vegas is a global Indoor Theme Park with interactive games. The different themes include Vegas Wild Side, Vegas Motor Speedway, Jackpot, Circus Circus, Downtown Bowling and Area 51. Some of the top arcade games at The Gaming Vegas include Jurassic Park, Star Wars Battle Pod, Kung Fu Panda Dojo Mojo and Batman. In addition, there are various redemption games. Modern bowling lanes with UV light provide the best of bowling experience while there are also bowling lanes for kids under 9 years of age. The full dome redefines movie watching and gaming with a 360-degree viewing angle.

More than 50 attractions set The Gaming Vegas apart from any gaming center or entertainment zone in Delhi-NCR.

Where : Retail 301, Third Floor, Logix City Center Mall, Plot No. BW58, 201301, Sector 32, Noida

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Worlds of Wonder

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With 26 spine thrilling rides at their Water Park  ranging from thrilling, daring, adrenaline pumping, steep falls to mind-boggling rushes this one is sure to get you going busy all day long.

Apart from 20 international rides at their Amusement Park, Worlds of Wonder also has wide array of indoor as well as outdoor activities, boating being the most popular of the lot.

Where : Sector-38 A, Entry Gate No. 11, Entertainment City, Adjacent The Great India Place Mall, Noida

Phone : 1800 103 1415

DLF Mall of India

DLF Mall of India

DLF Mall of India, the new sensation in town is not just about shopping but also a never-before food & entertainment experience. Ski India is one-of-its-kind entertainment destination offers never-seen-before skiing experience and an array of intergalactic games. The concept is to provide the guests a detailed replication of a snowy ski resort with adventure ski ride, tubing, toboggan, bob sledge, penguin shows, monorail ride, ice lounge; a ski and sliding slopes with various gradients and rope lift and flat snow play area. Smaash is another section that offers an unmatched range of games that offer a superlative virtual-reality experience, and combines the best of sports, music and dining into a highly immersive, interactive, innovative and involved entertainment experience.

Where : Sector 18, Noida

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The Great India Place Mall

The Great India Place Mall

The Great India Place Mall is another destination in the list which is not limited to shopping. They have lot of fun and entertainment elements as well. You can enjoy and dance to some peppy tunes with your gang at Ice Cube and Reverb. Their resident and visiting DJ’s supply music to hit every chord. Or you can have exciting fun with your friends at their Bowling Alley.

Where : Plot No A-2, Sector 38-A, Noida

Phone : 0120 465 0300



This place has it all, from ambience to hookah, from video games to table tennis! And it is open till 2:00 am. Spread over two floors, and complete with almost every imaginable gaming station and recreational activity, Glued would suffice for a day with your bunch of friends. They even let you book a theatre where you and your friends can have your own private screening of a movie of your choice. Providing an unparalleled gaming experience in Noida, the place remains packed with college-goers and youngsters most of the time.

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Brahmaputra Market, Sector 29

Brahmaputra Market, Sector 29

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A few laughters, a good food and reasonable prices- This place has all the ingredients of a fun time.

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Renting An Apartment For The First Time

Renting An Apartment For The First Time

Nobody said it was easy, no one ever said that it would be this hard!

  • Do you smoke or drink?
  • Do you have a girlfriend?
  • Do you eat meat?

Let’s be honest: finding an apartment as a single man in a metropolitan city in India is quite the task. It’s not a simple matter of finding the perfect apartment either — even if you do, you have to convince the landlord that you’re a ‘good’ sanskaari ladka/ ladki .

The buck doesn’t stop there, though — once you do sign the lease, a hoard of issues are bound to follow. And if the noob in you has no clue how to deal with them, here are four simple hacks to make life in your first apartment easier!

1. Learn To Settle

learn and settel

If it’s your first apartment, you have to be incredibly lucky for it to be the most perfect one. So, chances are, you’re going to have to compromise on your demands, or worse, adjust with a flatmate or roommate. It won’t be perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but as the next few points will tell you, there are ways to make it better!

2. Ask Questions!

homzone ask question

When’s the rent due every month? Who pays the maintenance? What happens at the end of the lease? Are you allowed to smoke, drink, or have female friends over? Are you allowed to keep pets?

Make sure you’re on the same page with your landlord, at all times, from the get go. You don’t want unwanted surprises or issues after you’ve settled in!

3. Opt For A Semi-Furnished Or Unfurnished Apartment

Opt For A Semi-Furnished Or Unfurnished Apartment

Why do you ask?

Well, for starters, a fully furnished apartment will be significantly more expensive than an unfurnished one. Secondly, since you don’t get to pick your furniture or essentials you have to make do with it — no matter how ugly it is!

Furthermore, you cannot possibly know anything about the living habits of the previous tenant — which means, there are chances of damaged furniture or pests inhabiting them!

But say you don’t want to splurge money on buying your own furniture. Well, there’s a simple solution to that as well!

4. And Lastly, Budget Smartly!

priya Chaudhari homizone

Budgeting, for some reason, is a common issue most guys face. priya Chaudhary, a tenant, says, “Finding a flat was never this easy until I found Homizone. It saved me a lot of time helped me find a good house in a secured society. Very supportive team with taking care of your maintenance issues. THANK YOU Homizone. Highly recommended.

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1. Welcome home prosperity

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The Advantages of Owning a Rental Property

The Advantages

The advantages of owning a rental property are relatively few, but they’re powerful. To put it simply, if everything lines up well, you can make a lot of money from a rental property. Continue reading The Advantages of Owning a Rental Property