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The thought of relaxing yourself in waters while it floats your body and leads you to bliss zone is always alluring. Particularly in summers, Water & Amusement Parks are the ultimate destinations to have a splashing time with family and kids. Everyone loves to visit a water park, a day out for a blasting fun not only in water but all the exciting water rides that come along makes it perfect.

Be it a small kid or an adult; Water parks are adored and enjoyed by all. Let’s explore some amazing Water & Amusement Parks in Noida and Delhi NCR waiting for you to make a fun summer memory.

1. Worlds of Wonder, Sector 38A

Worlds Of Wonder

The term ‘the best is yet to come’ is justified by the “Worlds of Wonder” situated at Great India Palace Mall, sector-38A Noida. It can be termed as the most fantastic and best water and amusement park in the city. They provide over seventy different rides with lots of other entertainments and games. ‘Worlds of Wonder’ is the world for every age, from a kid to a grown-up can have a good time here. The busy fun-filled afternoon at WOW witnesses people rushing in and out buying tickets and getting in line to have a very good time. People rush-in due to its super exciting rides like wave rides, high-octane adventures, lazy rides and so on.

2. Appu Ghar Express, Sector 38A

Appu Ghar Express, Sector 38A

Another fun place that is situated very close to Worlds of Wonder is the Appu Ghar Express. Their location is also at Sector 38-A Noida. It’s a smaller amusement park than others but packed with lots of excellent fun activities like gaming zones and adventure rides. AGE has an internal canteen with delectable cuisine like Italian and offering games like bowling, pool, snooker, etc. makes it a dream place of many in the town.

3. SKI India, Sector 18

SKI India, Sector 18

How can we forget SKI India which is in the center of the DLF Mall sector-18 Noida? This is a sci-fi based snow park where you can ski or ice skate to your heart’s content. Once inside the snow park, the feeling is just magical. Snow falling all around, with the room temperature of -10°C to -15°C, gives an artificial winter surrounding but with the feel of real ice and snow.

4. KidZania, Sector 38A

KidZania, Sector 38A

The last to be mentioned here is KidZania situated at sector-38A Noida. It’s a safe and unique indoor theme park for kids and what makes it unique is the real-life role-play education it provides. The place is a huge park in terms of area with a size close to seven Olympic swimming pools and is designed to give a real mini town look. This theme park has its own buildings, battery cars, currency and so on to give the children a natural feeling of a real-world and making them feel at home while having fun at the same time.

So this summer, do not miss to visit these destinations and cherish a great time with your loved ones.

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