Living Closer To The Workplace

Living Closer To The Workplace..!!!

Living extremely far from one’s working place can be nothing short of a travesty for the modern day professional. With spatial mobility being compromised due to problems in transportation and the increasing pace of corporate lives, it is truly a boon to find a residential place close to the place of work. There are different ways in which this proximity can affect an individual’s life.

  1. Save Money – It makes no sense to find 20 percent of your monthly wage blown up on the travel route between your house and office.Travel expense is also the most non-negotiable and hence, exasperating of all expenditures.
  2. Save Time – It is easy for a few fortunate people to find time to read or watch movies during their daily commutes.But the hustle bustle of the street and the crowded public transports can make it impossible for someone sensitive to external stimuli to undertake any productive work. Commutes can irreplaceably eat away a large chunk off one’s day.
  3. Save Effort – Travelling can also be extremely exhausting. Long commute hours can not only compromise on one’s productivity in the workplace but also drain one out of all energy to be able to enjoy life post work hours.
  4. Save the day – There are times when the either one’s work or private requires one’s immediate presence.Wasting time in reaching the place of action can render the movement useless. Proximity ensures that you don’t reach the office to find a new and exciting assignment handed out to your colleague or make your loved ones wait needlessly for you to arrive.
  5. Save the earth – Seems far fetched, but making conscious efforts to stay near the work place can help you save up on the petrol that you would compulsorily burn on a regular basis.

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