Safe homes are designed to ensure home safety for its residents. These are equipped with theft and fire safety products which are connected via internet and accessible over our app. Residents enjoy instant monitoring and complete control over their homes. After all, home safety is your safety.

Yes. Safe homes are standardized with digital locks, Cloud based CCTV camera’s & internet.

Moreover, we also have other products which we install based on customer requirements.

Homizone ensures a never seen before digital experience where we digitise & automate every aspect of your rental home. Ranging from home safety, monitoring, alerts, Live & Self visits, Reservations, payments, document signing, checkin’s, check-out’s etc. With homizone, renting in/out a home is as easy booking a hotel or a movie ticket.

No. Homizone is a brokerage free platform and does not charge any brokerage, neither so we encourage our users to pay brokerage to anyone.

No matter what kind of space you have, Homizone makes it simple and secure to rent out and generate income for yourself. You're in full control of your availability, prices, house rules, and how you interact with guests. List once and enjoy a life long digital, automated and brokerage free experience.

Hosting on homizone enables you earn extra income by utilizing your extra space. Its a win-win situation for both the users and hosts, as hosts get to earn extra income, users get affordable accommodations without any dependency on third parties. Both of them save on third party payouts.

To ensure you are always in control of your home, no matter where you are and to keep you, your home, and your belongings safe. It even enables Self visits and check-in's.

Listing your space on homizone is free. We charge nominal fee to keep the business running and only for the number of days the home is occupied. Our products and services are free for the months the home is not occupied.

You, the host, who else. Since the space is yours, terms and conditions should also be yours. Homizone will make suggestions from time to time to increase your business, based on our market analysis, but, implementing those suggestions is completely your choice.

Three reasons -

  1. It enables our community to rent in/out spaces seamlessly.
  2. Part of our products and services fall under the TRAI & DOT regulations, which makes KYC mandatory.
  3. Our products provide access to homes, and KYC compliant database ensures safety and security for all.

Its a one time process & enables seamless experience for all.

Lock-in period specifies the minimum tenure required to stay in that particular home.

Is there any minimum lock-in period for homizone homes ?

Your payments will be credited directly in your bank account. We try to settle payments as soon as possible, however we keep a settlement time of maximum 3 working days to settle all payments.

No. It’s non-adjustable i.e. it cannot be adjusted in the coming months rent. It is refundable post exit.

The booking amount is non-refundable. The same will be credited in your bank account.

You will receive alerts whenever a visit is scheduled and taking place. You can see its details, logs, live & recorded feed on our app.

Yes. But you need to keep the direct visit and booking feature disabled for the same. Homizone gives you full control over your home as well as your income.

You can refer them tp homizone. We will take care of the commission payouts and close the bookings.

Monthly rental cycle starts from 1st day of month and ends on last day of the month.

No. Only adults i.e. age 18 years or more, can book homes on homizone.

Digitally over our app.

Homizone has a notice period of 15 days. However in some cases it might be different, depending upon the choice of home owner. It will be specified clearly in the rent agreement.